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Below are a selection of Frequently Asked Questions. These are the queries that we get asked most often, this is a growing list so check back again soon to see what's new on the list.

For any questions not answered here please contact us and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Q. I'm a new house owner and haven't a clue about gardening - what would you advise me to do?

  1. A. We provide a complete package, from a consultation to the actual   finished fully landscaped project.

Q. I have an overgrown garden/ I need to have the garden restored - how can you help me?

  1. A. A consultation would firstly be recommended and afterwards an individualised plan for your requirements with cost estimates will then be proposed.

Q. Does it cost a lot to have a consultation?

  1. A. Approximately €60 per hour, plus travel expenses (outside Listowel).  Please contact us for further details.

Q. Can you draw up a plan, and give me a complete price for the entire project?

  1. A. Once a consultation has taken place a quotation is available to cover all requirements of the project.  This price, fully includes the cost of the plants and materials, equipment, and associated workmanship.

Q. My Griselinia hedge has a lot of dead patches and is all brown after the winter, it seems to be spreading what should I do?  Do you come out and examine such problems?

  1. A. We offer a full consultancy service on any horticultural queries. In this case it sounds like it has been damaged by the bad weather, I recommend you cut it down to approximately six inches and it should reshoot from the bottom.

Q. I'm interested in attending a gardening class - can you tell me what is available?

  1. A.We offer a range of gardening classes at  beginner, intermediate and   

   advanced  levels, covering a wide  range of subjects. In addition, we      offer special rates for retired/unemployed participants.


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